About Technica

Designed to meet the automotive aftermarket's international requirements, this new interactive automotive training program introduces learners to the principles and applications of automotive education. It equips the learner with a complete set of easy-to-use course materials. This innovative resource serves as an excellent supplement to other training programs, or can be used as a primary training solution for learners in the work environment.


Technica CDX is available to the open market in a variety of annual subscriptions. We currently offer 32 subscription products which allow the user to purchase the modules they require to meet their specific needs or entire courses. The pricing of these range from US$ 9-00 to US$ 245-00 per module per year.

The content offered currently covers both light passenger vehicle and heavy duty commercial vehicle training. The modules are purchased via an e-commerce portal using Paypal on the website.

Once payment is done and the automated registration has taken place, the subscriber is able to immediately access the course material they have purchased.

In addition the modules provide assessments and exams to test the understanding of the user, this is further enhanced by the issuing of certificates of completion once the user has met the requirements of the module.

B2B Enterprise Development

Technica CDX also provides an opportunity to build custom learner management systems (LMS) for large organizations.

This enables the organization to use their own branding, map the course material to their own standards and levels for training and developing their own internal staff. The enterprise system through the assessments and reporting module allows the organization to track progress, ensure accountability and implement effective performance management systems.

The enterprise system also provides the organization with the ability to add their own course material and information specific to their training programs or business procedures.