Case Studies

CDX is the world’s most popular e learning program for the automotive industry because CDX gets results. Independent studies routinely demonstrate that CDX improves student grades, reduces learning time, and improves student retention. Key studies include:

CASE 1:  Fresno City College (USA) Improved Student Outcomes by 19%

A recent analysis of test data from Fresno City College showed that even a very small amount of usage of CDX made a significant improvement in student results. Slightly more than one hour’s exposure to CDX was able to lift grade point averages by 10-29% across a large cohort of students. This is demonstrated in the chart below.


CASE 2:  Centennial College (Canada) Improved Student Outcomes by 34%                                               

Analysis of student results at Centennial College in Canada found that:

  • Students who used CDX at all improved their scores by 8% on average
  • High users of CDX improved their scores by 12% on average
  • High users of CDX scored an average G.P.A. of 3.4, which is 34% higher than students who don’t use CDX, who scored an average 2.6.
  • Students who use CDX at all do better in exams, by up to 14% even if their teachers don’t use CDX in lectures.

CASE 3:  Computer Aided Education for Automotive Mechanics?


Following a highly successful pilot undertaken in South Africa, Shell UK commissioned CDX to customize the product for use throughout their service organization internationally. Implementation began in February of 2004.

One very interesting outcome of the Shell pilot is contained in the attached graph. It shows the tremendous improvements from pre-test to post test that have been achieved through the use the CDX programs. The pilot was specifically undertaken in a ‘difficult’ situation. A number of the students had never seen a computer before so they had no idea what a mouse was used for.

Many had language difficulties, including one who only spoke Zulu.

What this demonstrates very clearly is that it is possible to take very low performing trainees, including many with attitude problems, put them through a course using our materials, and very quickly turn them into productive, revenue earning employees.