Technica Learning Methodology

An Integrated Approach to Learning

The modern student is far more visual in their learning styles than in yearsgone by. Combine this with a fast paced global lifestyle, tablets, smart phones and touch screen technologies, with many other distractions competing for the attention of the learner, and you will realize that it cannot be a “business as usual” approach to learning. Technica Learning Resources™ has addressed the modern learner through a comprehensive Integrated Learning Approach.

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Larger text, bigger pictures and diagrams, shorter paragraphs with numerous online tests, tasks and tips further enhance the integrated approach and make modern learning access and learning absorption easier.

 A Systemic Approach

The need to sustain learning between the learning institution, the workplace and the home has led Technica Learning Resources™ to combine a cutting edge Technica textbook series with an aligned Globally recognized Technica Online product and Technica workplace task sheets that compliment the integrated approach to learning. The Series ensures student comprehension and encourages critical thinking through sustained learning throughout this cycle of learning engagement.

For example, automotive apprentice techni360degcians need to know how to safely and effectively perform maintenance, diagnose, and repair automobiles. Technica Learning Resources™ Automotive Light Vehicle Product provides a 360° approach to the critical knowledge and skills necessary for future technicians to perform these essential tasks.

A Modern Approach to the Content

The Technica Automotive Light Vehicle textbooks and the Technica Online Series are great examples of this modern approach. Written in a clear, accessible language and creating a learning environment in which students feel comfortable with the material presented they create an effective and engaging learning experience for students, translating into better understanding and retention, and ultimately leading to better pass rates.


Reinforcement of Concepts

This text is written with the understanding that students require a solid foundation in the basics followed by appropriate reinforcement of the concepts learned. Reinforcement is provided through visual summaries of skills and procedures. The skills learnt are then reinforced through practical tasks performed within accredited training and work environments. Each chapter concludes with CBMT-type questions to help students assess critical thinking skills and measure comprehension.

Huge Animation Database

What makes the integrated product so valuable is the huge database of illustrations throughout the product that can be used within the context of a chapter or on its own to illustrate systems, concepts or workings. Given the visual nature of the new Learner, these have proven to be critical in unlocking understanding of systems such as braking, injection, combustion and catalytic converters to name just a few. The integrated learning system gives the learner and the trainer and the workplace mentor access to all of these through one singular product.

Highly Descriptive and Detailed Art Program

For very technical subject areas like automotive, fabrication or precision cutting systems,  the textual content includes a wealth of photographs and illustrations to help students visualize systems and mechanical concepts and the operation of complex processes.