Technica Learning Platform

Technica deploys a truly Comprehensive Learning Platform

Full multimedia delivery of ..

All materials are pre-prepared to a consistent high quality including ...

  • Task sheets
  • Procedure guides

Better monitoring for remedial intervention with ...

  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Reporting on learning outcomes

A system that identifies who needs help, when, and with what topic areas.

Covering thousands of topics in areas from Automotive Repair to Consumer Protection Compliance, this comprehensive offering of modular and interactive units provides accessible, diverse and detailed educational materials.

Multimedia Content

  • Instructional Videos covering practical applications and theory
  • Engaging Lab Experiments, Simulations, and Knowledge Checks
  • Diagnostic Assessment Activities

Print Support materials

  • Printable web pages
  • Task sheets
  • Workshop Procedure Guides
  • Handout Activity Sheets

Organized and Easy to Use

Everything is based on the JBLearning's Know-See-Do-Prove (KSDP) methodology where Color Coding helps identify the purpose of each content or activity segment.  LMS based class and group management easily organizes learners in multiple groups or classes for institutions and larger commercial training organizations.


Look at these examples

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Topic Page
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Video Sample
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Knowledge Checks
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Diagnostics Activities

These new activities present learners with work scenarios to evaluate and determine what the best diagnostic procedure is. Learners will exercise their skills and identify problems based on what is commonly known as the "Three Cs".

  • Concern (Verify)
  • Cause (Identify)
  • Correction (Rectify)

Topic Group Tests

180 short tests, each with 5 to 10 questions, confirm a learner's recall and understanding of the content in each Topic Group. Find the Missing Word Quizzes These 180 unique quizzes require learners to review content from a Topic Group, and to find and accurately transcribe certain pieces of information-a skill that all technicians need, but some find very difficult without extensive practice.

Practice Exams

These short 10 question practice exams fully prepare learners for the more extensive final exams. Questions are drawn from extensive question banks, meaning every exam is different, and learners have unlimited practice opportunities to build knowledge and confidence.

Final Exam

These sophisticated final exams are based on each of the main menu categories in Technica. Each exam contains 30-50 questions, depending on the size of the subject area, and each exam is unique, timed, and fully randomized.


The Technica Reporting module gives you the reports you need, when you need them. Accountability requirements are growing, and managing the learning process properly means that you need both accurate and timely information.

All reports can be saved and exported as .CSV files-for importing into another program such as MS Excel-or they can be saved and printed as .PDF files.

Assessment Results Reporting

There are separate reports for each of the 5 types of recorded assessment built into Technica Online. These reports are immediately updated to actively log learners' progress. You can choose which assessments work best in your program, and which to report on.

The report you select could be specific to an individual learner; confined to a group of learners; or for all learners. Each report can also be filtered for any date range or for any specific test.

Learner Activity Reports

These reports give you the precise and detailed information you need to manage your learners' progress better than ever before.

Learners learn at different speeds and in different ways, and now you can see exactly how much time each learner spends on each assignment. See which learners attempted which assignment, how long it took, and when they completed the work.