The Technica CDX Instructional Model


All the Technica CDX courseware is based around this simple structure, which is able to address industrial skill-based psychomotor outcomes with a combination of technology-delivered or assisted material and real world practice.


The online web-delivered content segments deliver the underpinning ‘Theory’ component of the course so you understand:

  • The principles of how vehicles or equipment works
  • What their components are and how they interact
  • How the various vehicle systems function

The primary communication mode is visual, and sophisticated video and 3-D animations used in the videos provide exceptional clarity of explanation. Interactive formative ‘Knowledge Check’ test activities are interspersed throughout the programs.

They allow you to confirm your understanding and lay a foundation for lifelong learning.


Step-by-step video demonstrations of procedures show a wide range of tasks being performed, in most cases recorded from the point of view of the technician - as if it was the learner actually doing it. These video demonstrations of how to perform tasks are like being in the workshop alongside a skilled technician. Learners can watch them as many times as they need, without the need for instructor involvement or supervision. They help to make the connection between the theory and the practical skills that need to be developed, as well as teaching good workshop practice.


There are lots of practical skill-building exercises, and web-delivered simulations of real world procedures built in to Technica CDX learning materials. Extensively illustrated printed worksheets remind learners of the correct procedures as they perform real workshop exercises, and hundreds of assignment tasksheets guide them through a comprehensive set of challenging practical tasks. These simulations and practical workshop aids help learners to rapidly and safely develop skills that are applicable in the real world.


Learners are able to assess their own progress and take ownership of their learning through the interactive exercises included throughout the courseware. These allow learners to confirm to themselves that they have fully understood the content presented. Short practice quizzes are built in to the online versions of each product, and these can be taken an unlimited number of times. These quizzes draw multiple-choice questions from a relevant question bank and randomise both the order of questions and the order of answers and distracters, so every quiz is different.