Forklift Technician Level 1

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Forklift Technician Level 1


Chapter 1: Introduction

Introduction to Training in the Forklift Industry

Chapter 2: Safety

Safety and First Aid in the Workshop

Chapter 3: Identifying

Identifying Fluids, Lubricants, Metals and Materials

Chapter 4: Care and Use

Care and Use of Tools Applicable to the Trade

Chapter 5: Identifying Locking Devices

Chapter 6: Identifying and Fitting

Identifying and Fitting Gaskets and Seals

Chapter 7: Applying Basic Hand Skills

Chapter 8: Introduction to Forklifts

Introduction to Forklifts and Forklift Technology

Chapter 9: Understanding

Understanding the Fundamentals of Lubrication Systems

Chapter 10: Understanding Basic Electricity

Understanding Basic Electricity, Testing and Repairing Circuits

Chapter 11: Using Lifting Equipment

Chapter 12: Perform a Service on a Forklift

Chapter 13: Fusing Metals

Chapter 14: Workplace Communications