General Service Technician

General Service Technician
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General Service Technician


Chapter 1: Automotive Service Workshop Fundamentals

1.1: Keeping the Work Area Safe and Productive

1.2: Selecting, Using and Caring for Engineering Tools

1.3: Selecting and Using Vehicle Lifting Equipment

1.4: Servicing Automobile Batteries

1.5: Workplace Communication

Chapter 2: Automotive Servicing Skills

2.1: Performing a Service to a Motor vehicle

2.2: Fundamentals of Steering and Wheel Components

2.3: Names and Functions of Motor Vehicle Components

2.4: Inspecting and Lubricating an Automotive System

Chapter 3: Basic Automotive Repair Skills

3.1: Repairing and Reconditioning Engine Components

3.2: Servicing and Repairing Motor Vehicle Components

3.3: Removing, Inspecting and Replacing Cooling System Components